Cancer control in Ethiopia with Dr Eva Kantelhardt

Dr Kantelhardt is a clinical gynaecologist and epidemiologist at Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, in Germany. She works with health care professionals in Ethiopia and other African countries to improve women’s health in underserved areas of the world. Her collaborations have led to transnational projects focused on improving patient outcomes and addressing disparities through an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to women’s health, and female cancers in particular. Her work includes studies on epidemiology, risk factors, and the social determinants of health. Dr Kantelhardt is the Research Coordinator of the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN), which is a network Regional Hub for cancer registration in sub-Saharan Africa, in the framework of IARC’s Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR).

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Speaker(s) : Dr Eva Kantelhardt

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